Boundary Street Market

This weekend was a fly by as they usually are. Packing as much as you can into the weekend before school days come back around! I got to experience Boundary Street Markets in Brisbane’s West End this past Sunday and was put into a happy place!

You are greeted with the smell of roasted coffee beans, chocolate truffles and surrounded by converted shipping containers, and who doesn’t love at least two out of those three!

I was instantly drawn to an old PO Box cabinet that I desperately want in my life. Dints and all it was calling my name.

There is something that excites me about the endless possibilities of what you could stuff inside all the once mail boxes with crafty goodness, I’m thinking ribbons and fabric, hidden chocolate stashes and my bag collection. What would you stuff inside?

The atmosphere of a market is one unmatched to conventional shopping. It’s a culture in itself. Coffee in hands, people everywhere in cruising mode, music from happy reggae fellows to fill in the gaps.

All in all it was just another box ticker for me, another happy place to talk about and add to my things to do list.

What does your happy place look like?

Thanks for stopping by to read my first of hopefully many blog posts!

You can also find me on Facebook for an abbreviated version. (I am Australian after all and isn’t abbreviating everything we can what we do?)


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